What's the best thing about being a pro gamer?

Some players' responses were about what they liked. 멸망전토토 In summary, "it makes them so happy to be able to do what they love through work." AD Carry for Team Splyce, Kasper Kobbe Kobberup talked about how it feels to wake up in the morning. He said, "I really enjoy waking up in the morning and playing games with my friends or with my teammates. I think the best thing about doing something fun is doing it."Andrei Odoamne Pascuarnell jokingly said that it satisfies the most basic human need, hunger. However, most of the players gave their answers after thinking seriously in their own way. Most of them say, "I like being able to compete in big competitions and competing on a big stage." or "I enjoy competing and competing. Analyzing videos after training or training is stressful, more info but training in front of people. I feel valued when I show the good games I learned at school.”Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage said, "I play great on a big stage with thousands of spectators and it's amazing when they shout my name. That's why I keep playing pro." In the case of Hauntzer, he gave a candid answer: "I enjoy playing with my teammates. Of course, I also make a lot of money (haha)".Do you want to make a lot of money? Or do you want to show a good game in front of a lot of people? No matter what your dream is, it takes constant effort and willpower to make it come true. Pro gamers, who are currently enjoying a lot, have also spent a lot of time training and hard work. If you too have a dream, 멸망전토토 if there is something you like, make it a job you are good at! If you keep working hard, you will surely achieve it!

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